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There are 100s of employers looking for people like you to fill their vacant role.

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1. Create A Free Profile

Start by creating a free account. Fill out your profile details accurately and sincerely.


2. Get Verified & Active

Submit your pitch video for verification. After verification, activate your profile to get found.


3. Connect & Get Hired

Wait for employers to reach out to you. Connect with them and start your new job in no time.

We understand. It gets tiring chasing jobs over & over again!

One free profile is all it takes. Don’t fill out forms over and over again. You don’t also have to pay outrageous application fees to anyone. Spend less than 30minutes filling a profile once and for all. Deactivate it when you get a job and reactivate it when you are open to new opportunities again.

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We don't charge you a pesewa!


Most platform and agencies charge you so much to help you get a job. Not here on Storeworkers. You are guaranteed that it’s 100% free.

There a numerous of job opportunities that you may be a perfect match for. Stop chasing jobs that don’t want you. Use storworkers to connect to those jobs.

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Where will you be working?

We connect you to retail stores such as pharmacies, fast food joints, electronics shop, supermarkets, boutiques among many others.
What role do you want to fill?

We connect you with employers who have vacant roles in their retail enterprises.

We are not an agency!

Just a platform to connect you with the right opportunities.

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Why are the best candidates joining Storeworkers?

To avoid the stress
of job hunting.

Employers are waiting. Don't waste anymore time .

Create your free account and start to get noticed. It’s super easy, and you can get verified in a few hours!

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