Hiring Doesn't Need To Be That Difficult

Get free access to a list of ready applicants for all your retail-related roles so you can pick and interview on the go. 

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There are 100s of workers ready to fill your vacant role.

Find your new hire in 3 easy and free steps.

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1. Filter Profiles

There are 100s of candidates ready & willing to work. Filter based on your requirements.


2. Shortlist & Select

Shortlist all those who meet your requirements. Review their profiles and unlock their contacts.


3. Interview & Hire

Invite your shortlisted candidates for an interview and hire the best candidate for the job.

Your delay in replacing storeworkers slows down business.

Most often, it takes several days or weeks to replace store workers and in that moment you lose a lot of sales. Our applicant-ready platform ensures you always have backlog of people you can call on whenever you need new employees.

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Skip the misfits

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When you call for applications, a whole lot of people who don’t meet your requirements apply and get to waste your time.

Just two to five conversations should be enough to get you your new hire. As easy as it sounds. You can eliminate the stress.

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A Storeworker for every shop!

Regardless of what retail or wholesale store you run, you can find your next employee here.
Who do you want to hire?

Find the right person to fill your vacant store roles regardless of what they might be.

We are not an agency!

Just a simple platform to connect you with the right talents for free!

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We can verify candidates' details and do some background checks for you.

For the safety of your shop, Storeworkers will visit candidates and their guarantor’s locations, verify their uploaded details, connect with their family members and get the guarantor to sign a consent form for you all at a small fee. Pictures, live locations and the necessary proof will be sent to you.

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Why are the best businesses using Storeworkers?

Because they value their time & money.

More than enough profile details to make a decision!

All candidates have complete profile details, together with their location, photos and videos. You get all the information you need to decide on who gets shortlisted and who doesn’t. What are you waiting for? Start searching.

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